Guidelines for the Synchronous Q&A Sessions

During ICLDC 7, there will be synchronous Q&A sessions, where presenters will interact with participants “face-to-face.” This includes papers, where the paper presentation will be uploaded to YouTube for viewing prior to the conference, and posters, where the documents will be uploaded to Discord prior to the conference.

This page is intended for all participants and presenters at ICLDC 7. It gives an overview of what to expect before and during both paper and poster Q&A sessions.

What to expect for the paper Q&A sessions

Before the session

All paper presentations will be pre-recorded by the presenters, uploaded to YouTube, and captioned two weeks before the start of the conference. These videos will be unlisted on YouTube. This means that you will not be able to search for our YouTube channel and find them.

To access the links for each pre-recorded presentation, go to the ICLDC virtual program on Sched and click on the presentation you would like to view. The link to the YouTube video will be in the description.

To access the Zoom links for the synchronous sessions, go to the event you would like to attend on Sched. You need to be logged into your Sched account to be able to see the Zoom links.

During the session

Each paper Q&A session will be 30 minutes long and panel-style. Presenters from about 3 presentations will share each 30 minute slot. The session will start with each presenter giving a brief 1-2 minute summary of their talk. If desired, presenters can prepare a single slide for their summary. After the summaries are finished, the floor will be open for questions to any of the presenters. 

In addition to presenters and attendees, there will be one session chair and one Zoom moderator in the Q&A session. Session chairs are there to help the discussion go smoothly and keep things running on schedule. Zoom moderators will help with any technical issues that arise. 

We expect presenters and attendees to attend the entire 30 minute session. This means that you will not be able to attend two paper presentations that are in different Zoom “rooms” during the same 30 minute period. 

Don’t forget to watch the presentation prior to the Q&A session, and bring your questions!

What to expect for the poster Q&A sessions

Before the session

All posters will be uploaded to Discord two weeks before the conference. Participants will be able to view and post comments and questions for the poster presenters in their individual Discord channels. This means that before the Q&A session itself, presenters and participants have the opportunity to interact with each other and the content of the posters. For more information on how to join and use our ICLDC Poster Discord, please see the Discord Guidelines for Participants.

To find the poster you are looking for, scroll down on the left sidebar of the ICLDC Discord to the correct date and room title (for example, Thursday Room A). Underneath, you will find the channels for that room titled by presenter last name.

During the session

Each poster Q&A session will be 1 hour long. During the session, presenters will use the Discord voice channels to communicate with participants and answer their questions. Participants will not be able to share their video or audio in the voice channels. Instead, they will use the corresponding text channel, named after the presenter last name(s), to post messages for the presenter.

Participants will navigate in and out of Discord channels and rooms by simply clicking on the next channel that they would like to view. Participants have the opportunity to attend as many poster Q&A sessions as they would like during the allotted 1 hour period.

Please note that voice channels and text channels are not connected. If you are viewing one voice channel and would like to enter another, you will need to click on the new one in order to transition between presentations. Entering a new text channel will not automatically cause you to enter the corresponding voice channel. Again, for more information on how to use Discord, please see the Discord Guidelines for Participants.