Sched Guidelines for Presenters

Much like ICLDC 7, this year at ICLDC 8 we are using a digital program platform called Sched which will replace our traditional paper/PDF programs. This guide is intended for paper presenters, poster presenters, workshop and talk story presenters, and plenary speakers. If you are looking for information for participants, please see the Sched Guidelines for Participants (coming soon).

Sched offers a number of convenient options that we invite you to take advantage of, including:

  • Creating a profile to network with other participants and give feedback on presentations/events
  • Creating a personalized schedule of conference talks/events that you want to attend 
  • Filtering conference events by type, topic, and other filters

If you are looking for information on a specific topic, please see the Guide Contents below. Click the link to go to the the relevant page section.

Important note: Sched may automatically show the ICLDC Program in HST, but you can change the schedule to display in your respective time zone. To do so, go to the right of the screen and you should see a dropdown menu where you can manually select your time zone.

Once you make this change, as long as you were logged in to your profile the program should remain in your time zone.

For the basics on how to get started with Sched, please see this video tutorial for using Sched on the web, and this one for downloading and using the Sched app on your phone.

Guide Contents

  1. Editing your presenter profile
  2. Viewing your presentation
  3. Creating your personal conference schedule
  4. Printing, emailing, and syncing with your calendar

Editing your presenter profile

As a presenter, you will be given access to edit your own Sched profile, to which you should add a photo and current bio. You should expect to receive an email invite from us to log in to Sched as a speaker.

Follow the link in the invite email to set up your Sched profile password. Then go to your settings page to add a photo and update your profile.

Viewing your presentation

Once you log into your profile, you will see that your session has already been created as part of the Sched program, and your profile (and that of any other presenters/authors) has been linked to your session.

Please note, presentation video links will be added directly by the ICLDC committee.

Creating your personal conference schedule

Adding and removing sessions from your personal conference schedule is easy. Each session on Sched has an empty bubble to the left of the session name. If you’re logged in to your account, you can click the bubble and that session will be added to your personal schedule. 

The session will display a check mark in the bubble once it has been added to your personal schedule. You can view your personal schedule by clicking your profile icon in the upper left corner of the page. 

Note: you can hover your mouse over a session name to preview session information, or click the session name to view the full session details. 

Printing, emailing, and syncing with your calendar

Printing your calendar

In order to print your personal schedule, click the printer icon (top right in desktop mode) for print-ready views of the full schedule. Before you print, you can select what you want to be printed by filtering it in several ways, including date, venue, and type.

Sync your calendar to your devices

To sync your calendar to your devices, click the phone icon at the upper right of your personal schedule page. Choose from Apple, Google or Microsoft calendar links to subscribe to your personal schedule.

Confirm the calendar you want to subscribe to. Adjust your auto-refresh settings, to ensure you get any schedule changes.

Email your calendar

To email your calendar to someone else, click the mail icon at the upper right of your personal schedule page. To email your calendar to yourself, click the Email My Sched button (at the top of your schedule).

For more information on Sched as a presenter, take a look at these guides.