Guidelines for In-Person Participants and Presenters

Welcome to SEALS 31 and thank you for visiting us in Hawai‘i!

This conference will be in a hybrid modality, which may be a new experience for some participants. These guides are intended to help in-person participants and presenters navigate this new format.

If you are looking for information on a specific topic, please see the Guide Contents below. Click the link to go to the relevant page section.

Guide Contents

  1. In-Person Participant Guidelines
  2. Presenter Guidelines

In-Person Participant Guidelines

The conference schedule can be found on Sched, which can be accessed either on your computer or mobile device.

All plenary and paper sessions will be available to in-person and virtual participants. In-person presenters will give their talks live, which will be broadcasted through Zoom simultaneously. Virtual presentations will be pre-recorded and played for the live audience, followed by a synchronous question-answer period with the presenter through Zoom. 

To ask a question, please stand up and go to the microphone, which will be located towards the front of the audience. Once there, wait for permission to ask a question from the Session Chair. Please be aware that virtual participants will also be asking questions, which will also be coordinated by the Session Chair. 

We strongly discourage you from listening in on other sessions via a laptop or mobile device while attending a presentation. There will be several microphones in the room, and this could cause unintended noise and audio feedback.

NOTE: Because the number of in-person posters have shrunk, we have upgraded the remaining ones to in-person paper session slots, which were vacated because of cancellations. 

Virtual posters will be asynchronous and take place outside of regular conference times. The poster files will be included on the Sched program in their allotted session. It will be easier to view these files on a tablet or laptop. The recorded poster presentations (around 5 minutes) will be on YouTube, with links to each presentation in their corresponding session on Sched.

You will be able to comment and ask questions on YouTube, and we will encourage presenters to respond.

Presenter Guidelines

In-Person Paper presenters

Before the conference

As an in-person presenter, you are required to submit your presentation no later than May 11th using the link below (note: only PDF, Powerpoint or Google Slides formats will be accepted). If you have difficulty with the form, please contact us:

Your presentation will be loaded onto the dedicated computer for your presentation room and tested to make sure it works. Please adhere to the above deadline. Due to the hybrid nature of the conference, our tech setup is complex. If you send in your presentation late or not at all, we will be unable to ensure that the session is a smooth experience for both in-person and virtual participants, and there may be delays.

Your presentation should be 20 minutes in length, followed by 10 minutes for discussion.

If you wish to provide a handout, please upload this directly onto your presentation session page on Sched using your account no later than May 15, 2022. If you have a physical handout, please note that unfortunately we will be unable to help with printing. 

On the day of your presentation

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of your scheduled talk in order to test your presentation during the break between sessions. Your presentation will be opened on the laptop just before you present, and a presenter remote will be provided. Your audience will be participating in person and online through Zoom. 

Note that a camera will be placed in the audience to give the virtual audience a perspective similar to an in-person attendee. When giving your talk, please ensure that you use the microphone so that the online and in-person audiences can hear you.

The Session Chair in your room will moderate audience questions. Please wait for the Session Chair to direct someone to pose a question to you. The Session Chair will mediate the in-person and virtual questions. 

You can answer by looking at the camera (situated within the audience) and speaking into the microphone.

Please note that we will be recording the in-person presentations via Zoom. These presentations will be archived on our SEALS YouTube channel. The Q&A sessions will not be recorded. 

In-Person Poster presenters

NOTE: Because the number of in-person posters have shrunk, we have upgraded the remaining ones to in-person paper session slots, which were vacated because of cancellations.  The information below is no longer relevant.

Before the conference

SEALS 31 will pay for and print posters for all in-person poster presenters. You are required to upload your poster file no later than April 30th, 2022 to your session on Sched. If you do not submit your poster file by the deadline, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to print it for you.

This will also allow virtual participants to view your poster in advance and will facilitate more interaction with both virtual and in-person participants. 

Note: This is optional, but if you would also like to prepare and have a video of your talk included on our unlisted YouTube channel (similar to what our virtual poster presenters are doing), you may submit a 4-6 minute video of your poster talk by April 30, 2022. If you choose to do this, we ask that you take the time to review and respond to comments from virtual participants in addition to your in-person presentation. For more information on recording and submitting your video, please see our Guidelines for Online Participants and Presenters.

Prior to and on the day of your presentation

The in-person poster session will take place 11:00 am -12:30 pm on Thursday, May 19th in Campus Center Ballroom 1. Your poster will be printed and ready at conference time, and we will set up your printed poster for you prior to the poster session. During the presentation time, please stand with your posters and interact with the audience. In-person poster sessions will not be recorded. Posters should be taken down before the conclusion of the conference. Unfortunately we will not be able to hold on to your poster for you if it is left set up after late Friday afternoon.

The maximum poster board dimensions are 60 inches long (161.3 cm) and 48 inches wide (116.8 cm).

Preparing your poster

Posters should be designed to fit within the maximum display space. Paper or laminated posters will work the best with the display boards, as these are easiest to affix with push pins; pins will be provided to help fasten your poster to the board.

The most well-received posters are clear, concise, and visually uncluttered. You might model your text on PowerPoint slide formats. (NOTE: You can also use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a large poster.)

A note on image quality: printing in larger formats will decrease the quality of an image. For best results, please keep the size of your poster in mind: the larger the poster, the higher the resolution your images (and text) should be. 

Check out the LSA Poster Guidelines for more information on creating posters for linguistics conferences.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at