Information for Researchers

What to do as an LBC Researcher

  1. Make sure you understand all of the guidelines in the Information for Researchers’ handout. Note: This is different from the Instructions for Researchers page.
  2. Complete CITI (Social and Behavioral Research Basic Course) training
    if you haven’t done so in the last 3 years. See the University of Hawai’i Human Studies Program.
  3. Create a new project and submit to the LBC: everything you submitted to the UH IRB (CHS), including a pdf of your eProtocol and any attachments (consent, demographics, recruitment materials, etc); notification of CHS approval/exemption, a copy of your certificate of completion from CITI training; your written feedback form; and everything requested on the “Create New Project” form.
    This means you must have completed CHS review and CITI training before applying to the
    LBC. Your feedback form must be written so that Ling 102 students or other intro-level
    students can relate your study to their class, and see the value of the research.
  4. Give a feedback form to every participant at the end of
    your study. Spend time with the participant answering any questions they have about the study. Ask
    them if they can see a way it relates to their class, and if not, help them find a
    connection. Talk to them about why your study is valuable to society. Thank them for their
  5. Update the participant’s access so he or she can submit feedback to you and their instructor and get credit.
  6. Contact the LBC committee if you would like to increase your participant allocation or modify your study.
  7. Notify the LBC when you are done collecting data.

For further information, contact:

Amy Schafer
Chair, Linguistics Beyond the Classroom Committee