Current Projects:

Title of project Restrictions on participants OK for 300-level and higher courses? OK for ELI? Main Activity Location for participation Sign up Researcher
Comprehension and Production of Sentences in First and Second Language Acquisition Native speakers of English yes yes Rating sentences in English SLAB On hold Haerim Hwang
English language survey Chinese native speakers who learn English as a second language yes yes Read sentences and make judgments SLAB On hold Jing Crystal Zhong
Factors Contributing to Sound Perception Open to all yes yes Word Identification Task TP 107 On hold Michelle Baron
Linguistic Variation, Social Meaning, and Language Attitudes Speakers who grew up in Hawai`i yes yes reading sentences, saying whether words are real words or not, reporting level of agreement with statements TP 107 On hold Katie Drager and Olivia Bianchini
Online Language Use Native English Speakers yes yes Rating sentences Moore 162 or TP 107 On hold Meena Wainwright
Picture description (English) Native speakers of Korean who grew up in Korea yes yes describing pictures in English SLAB (Moore 264) Sign up Theres Grüter & Alice Zhu
Processing questions in English Native speakers of Japanese who grew up in Japan yes yes listen to English and Japanese sentences (includes eye-tracking) Moore 427 Sign up Theres Grüter & Hitoshi Nishizawa
Rating and Processing Sentences in English open to all yes yes Rating sentences in English SLAB Sign up Fred Zenker
Reading sentences in English English native speakers and Chinese native speakers who learn English as a second language yes yes Reading sentences Online Sign up Haerim Hwang

How to participate in the research option (18 years or older, only)

To sign up for a research project:

  • Look at the list of research projects listed above.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
  • Read the restrictions carefully to make sure you can participate. If
    the restrictions say “normal or corrected-to-normal vision”, you CAN participate if you
    wear glasses or contact lenses. At least one project per semester will be open to any
    student. However, there may be a limited number of participation slots available.
  • Sign up following the directions for each study.
  • Please, BE ON TIME. If you are not on time for your appointment, you
    may have to reschedule, or may be unable to participate in that project.
  • If you don’t like any of the current options, check back later in the semester.

At the research activity:

The researcher is required to describe the activity and get your consent to
participate before you begin. In most studies, you are doing a simple and ordinary
activity, such as reading words or sentences from a computer screen. All studies in
this program have been reviewed by the UH Committee on Human Studies.
Ask the researcher to explain anything you don’t understand about the activity.

This is an opportunity for you to learn more about research in linguistics, and the
careers of researchers in linguistics. Please feel free to ask the researcher things
like how he or she got interested in this topic.

At the end of the study, the researcher will give you a written description that describes the project (a “feedback” form). You can use this to help you answer questions that get turned into your instructor, but please do not share it with other students. Be sure to ask the researcher questions if you do not understand the value or purpose of the study, and how it relates to your class.

To get credit for participation, the researcher will activate access for you to the online project-feedback page. See the instructions on the right sidebar for more information about getting credit.