Instructions for Participants

This page is for students who wish to participate in an LBC project for class credit.

What a participant can do:

    • Log into the website using UH credentials
    • Sign up for projects
    • Submit feedback to researchers and instructors to get class credit


Project sign up:


  1. Go to projects page and click on the signup form
  2. Provide UH credentials
  3. Fill out the signup form and submit it
  4. An email will be sent to the researcher with the username and email of the participant so that they can contact the participant regarding a time for participation.


Feedback submission:


  1. After the project is completed, the researcher must activate the participant in the online system. If you took part in a study but have not been authorized to access the feedback form, you should contact the researcher.
  2. Go to and provide credentials. If you have been authorized to submit feedback, the link to the project form will be displayed.
  3. Fill out the form and submit it. The feedback will be submitted anonymously to the researcher, and submitted along with your name to the instructor. However, if you encountered any problems during their interaction with the researcher, you can checkmark the following paragraph: If you encountered difficulty with the researcher, and wish to send your feedback, name, and course information to the faculty supervisors, check here

If this paragraph is checkmarked, the feedback will be submitted to the instructor and to the LBC Committee for evaluation, and not to the researcher.