Welcome to Linguistics Beyond the Classroom!

The purpose of the Linguistics Beyond the Classroom (LBC) Program at UH Mānoa is to introduce students in the Department of Linguistics and the Department of Second Language Studies to the current research being conducted in these fields.

Language research often involves direct collection of original data from language users, including recordings of speech and signing, audio and video analysis of conversations, tests of reading and comprehension, cognitive and psycholinguistic experiments, surveys, and more.

First-hand experience of cutting-edge language research significantly enriches the classroom experience. Students can apply what they learn in a class to a real-world example or be exposed to topics beyond what is on the syllabus. Instructors can offer their students a novel hands-on educational opportunity. Researchers then gain valuable data for use in furthering the boundaries of our knowledge.

Quick links:

Current Projects

List of current running LBC projects (for students choosing Option 1).

Project Participation Questionnaire

Provide feedback to the researcher and to your instructor to earn course credit (for students choosing Option 1).

Approved Media Response Resources

List of media resources (films, podcasts, etc.) (for students choosing Option 2).

Media Response Form

Submit your 500-word essay here (for students choosing Option 2).